Umeed – My experience

In the summer of 2020, just as the Lockdown had begun, I got an interesting opportunity to intern with Umeed.

In the times of Covid-19, this ensured that our onboarding, as well as our first team meeting, happened on a zoom call, a unique remote experience for those of us used to how the world worked pre-Covid. No handshakes to ease us in our roles, a significant barrier for peer to peer learning as we couldn’t just peek over a cubicle towards our teammate and ask away any doubts. 

Instead, we had to pick up phones and face the daunting task of calling someone we’d never met face to face before.

Quite a shaky beginning. But we persevered. Emoticons substituted facial expression to take away the sting from cross communication and helpful remarks.

Daily targets, quick responses in whatsapp group and weekly video calls for alignment, formed our purpose. Each task brought us closer to bringing our voice closer to those at grassroot levels.

A mission on our mind to end misinformation and ignorance, we hoped to arm the masses with our Covid Information Series.

We picked up taboo topics that were skipped over in evening news like menstrual hygiene and breast feeding to benefit the disadvantaged women.

The best part of it all was when we could see the impact of our work.

Women smiling as they watched our videos, feedback from them and various nonprofits lauding our work and also giving us pointers for improvement.

Lastly, I realized as this remote internship came to an end, I had not only empowered other women through the Covid Information Series but somewhere during the whole process, I had empowered myself with all that I got to learn.

Witten by Akanksha Tanwar

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