A FirstLeaper then, a Facilitator now. 

From the first day of the FirstLeap training till the final day, I have learnt a lot of things which cannot be said just in 200 words. 

The first time when Umeed’s team visited our college I thought it’s an NGO where we will get motivation classes but when our principal mam told us to attend the sessions it was awesome!! The facilitators who were teaching us were excellent. Before attending this session  I thought that it would be like a lecture where we have to sit for 2-3 hours, but it is not a lecture at all. FirstLeap classes are a great platform to spend with all the friends from different groups and learn from them…We even shared a lot of personal things in this session like our past, our plans for the future and how we can achieve our goal…

Although there’s a lot I have learnt, I mainly want to write about my top 3 learnings from the FirstLeap sessions. The first one is conflict management and resolution, where our facilitators taught us, what conflict even means, how it can be a positive idea and how it can be managed and resolved.

The second one is the goal setting and prioritisation, where we learnt how smart goals can be made and followed and how it can be applied in our lives to achieve what we wish for. 

The third one is teamwork and collaboration… how that value is the fuel that allows common people like you and me to achieve uncommon results. 

After the training, I have got the opportunity to join UMEED as a LeadFacilitator and share my learning with other women I will be working with. It feels great to be on the field, meet different kinds of women and support them in overcoming their struggles. It is very important for young people like us to contribute to society in such ways…

I am very thankful to all the facilitators of Umeed who are working and guiding the women to reach their destinations. Thank you for preparing us for placement, and other challenges in our life by making our mindsets stronger. Thank you for giving us wings to fly in the sky and making us believe that it’s our chance to fly in the sky like a bird, as high as possible and reach our destination. I am confident to open my wings with UMEED and fly! 

Written by Shaziya Sultana, FirstLeaper Cohort 6

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