My Experience of Giving an Interview After 9 Years

I am Sara Begum and I am a worked as a teacher for 9 years. I lost my job due to covid-19. After some months, I heard of Umeed’s job readiness training program called FirstLeap. It helps women learn how to be ready for jobs and hunt for jobs. From their program, we got help in giving interviews. How to achieve jobs. They taught us how to prepare CVs and how we can get jobs; job rules and regulations, and workplace etiquette. 

It is a 2-month training program. In this program, I learned many things like communications, workplace etiquettes, financial literacy, negotiation and deal making, 5 stages of self-worth, women empowerment, conflict management, responsibilities, ethics, rights. All these things help us in achieving a job and how we can sustain our job. After completion of training program, the UMEED Organization will also provide job according to our ability and education. 

In FirstLeap training I learnt many things for my personal life as well, like self-worth. What is self-worth and women empowerment. “Khud ke liye kaise jiyein?”, ye seekha. Hum doosro ke liye toh bahut kuch kar lete hain lekin khud ke liye itna nahi karte. This program taught me the importance of self-worth and how to take care of our needs also. Learning how to give an interview again was a bold step to do something for myself…”

I learned how to face an interview. In-person and virtual interviews, and telephonic interviews. Rubina Majid interviewed me… ma’am is a great personality and very helpful and good nature woman. I really like her. She also supports me what and how I would like to speak in the interview. So, with practicing and facing interviews, we get to know our good and bad things and plus points and negative points. 

The main part of the training was facing interviews. First, we are practicing how to face interviews in mock interviews. In mock interviews we learn how to face interviews. We get to know how we are performing in an interview, right or wrong. And what steps to follow to walk in that interview, how to give virtual interview, personal interviews, like introducing ourselves, our experiences, qualifications, achievements, about our salary and location of work place. By this program I face interview with Rubina ma’am. Really, I don’t know how to face virtual interview. I attempt for the first time. It was a good experience. Thanks a lot, to Umeed organization; Gauri, Udita and Shivangi for the program.

Written by Sara Begum, FirstLeaper (Cohort 4)

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